Monday, June 15, 2009

“Melissa, I….I’m so sorry you have to do this.” A slender blonde woman with chipmunk cheeks said with tears in her eyes.
“Mom, it’s okay. It’s my choice.” Melissa said between two small pecks on her mother’s cheek. “I know it’s horrible but I know it’s for the greater good. If….if my servitude is what changes the world….I…..I’ll do it. Dad would understand.”
Melissa gave her Dad’s portrait in full military dress one last look.
“I know you would give your life again so everyone else could benefit. It….it’s in my blood too.”
A ring at the doorbell broke Melissa’s concentration. “It’s time” was the last thing Melissa heard her daughter say.
The woman at the door was wearing high heels that forced her to walk on her phalanges and metatarsals. Her makeup was light but noticeable. Her chest was disproportionately wide and draped in a silky purple cloth that would have blown open if there had been even a slight breeze. Her bottom was slightly exposed by an abbreviated mini-skirt. This woman was wearing Leena Lanka’s standard uniform.
“I’m sorry Melissa, you’ll have to leave most of that here.” The woman held up a uniform identical to her own.” You can change in to this and take whatever you can fit in to the pockets.”
Melisa tried not to look absolutely horrified in front of her mother who burst in to tears.
“MELISSA! DON’T GO! PLEASE DON’T GO!” Her mother cried.
Melissa soticly accepted the uniform and started to turn but was stopped by the woman with a light grip on her shoulder. “Privacy is a privelge.” She said.
Melissa was finally overcome by the reality of her new lot in life and began to cry. “Uh huh.” Was all Melissa said as she removed her clothes and slipped in to her new role by putting on her new uniform.
Melissa was adjusting the top as best she can as tears soaked her new top when she was interrupted by a scream from the limo. “TITS! You forgot something important you dumb cunt!” The woman started to tremble with fear and quickly recovered the forgotten item and brought it back to Melissa whose gaping mouth revealed her despair.
“Here, this is part of the uniform. I’m wearing one too.” Tits said to Melissa presenting her with two egg shaped objects.
“How do I wear these?” Melissa asked with the bewilderment of a deer caught in the headlights of an SUV.
“Let me show you.” Tits said taking hold of Melissa’s ass to gain some leverage.
Melissa let out a whimper as her face became flush with embarrassment.
“The other goes in your ass.” Tits said and carefully slid the egg inside of Melissa. “Did you want to pick some things to take now?”
Melissa walked up to the portrait of her dad and threw it against the wall to break the glass. She ripped a piece from the picture and stuffed it in her tiny pocket. Melissa didn’t bother filling the other pocket. A picture of her dad was all she wanted.
“Okay Melissa, it’s time to go.” Tits said as she grabbed Melissa by the arm and directed her to the limo. “It’s okay, you’ll get used to things here. If you play your cards right, it’s not so bad back on the estate.” Tits said as they entered the limo. Melissa kept looking out the window as best as she could, thinking about everything she was leaving behind.



I had a set of stories on the internet a while ago featuring the Leena Lanka series. I have decided to rewrite some and put them up. I promise not to take them down again.